Circle of Security Parenting®

Do you find yourself feeling distressed, frustrated or overwhelmed when your child’s behaviour is demanding, aggressive or clingy?
Circle of Security Parenting is an 8 week, relationship-based early intervention programme that helps parents understand and respond to their child’s emotional needs and builds secure attachment relationships.

40 years of community support

We started with a desire to help our community and support our neighbours.

Community Support

We are here to support women with babies/young children who have experienced severe post natal depression or are living with an existing mental health issue.


We offer one on one counselling services to anyone in need. Dayspring Counselling service works with individuals, family groups and children.

Secure Beginnings

Secure Beginnings is a home based program designed to strengthen and improve parent-child relationships. Be part of an exciting opportunity to have Secure Beginnings tailored specifically to the needs of your family.

Working alongside Dayspring has been a life-changing experience. Dayspring has been a big part of mine and my son’s life for the past 2 years.

Theresa*, a 24-year-old single mumof Maori descent, who has a child aged 2 years

They have supported me to be the best parent I can be for my son with their primary and secondary parenting courses, Circle of Security and Secure Beginnings Attachment Intervention.

I struggled with Post Natal Depression for 6 months after my son was born, as well as being a sole parent with little support. The Maternal Mental Health Community Support Workers, worked with me to create goals and found ways to support me in achieving them. There have been various workshops that I have attended and counselling sessions, that have allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings in a positive and healthy way.

Know someone who would benefit from our support? Please refer them using one of our forms to let us know and we’ll start the process of maternal wellbeing

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Dayspring believes that we as a nation must do better for mothers and their children.



In counselling costs. Our programmes require mental stability in order to make lasting changes. We help facilitate this by providing free counselling to prepare them for the programmes.



Is the cost for putting 16 mothers through our Secure Beginnings programme – with only 3 people in NZ running this we are unable to touch the scale of the issue.

With your help we can bring the necessary change to these families now and in the future.

For our casual givers – any amount you can put towards our overheads and counselling services is greatly appreciated.

Lack of funding to help organisational growth is the main barrier to Dayspring being able to help the hundreds of other mothers and their children who desperately need our services.

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Case for Support

Working with vulnerable mothers faced with mental health challenges for three decades now, Dayspring services shine new light on how their client-mothers can develop and maintain secure attachments (or bonds) between their child and themselves.

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